EVOK creativity and craftsmanship

With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer wheel designs for those hard to fit vehicles. Whether it's finding the right wheel diameter, the perfect tire size, EVOK Luxury Wheels are perfect for your Truck/SUV.

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Each Evok wheel is designed and engineered to the highest standards and undergoes the strictest quality control tests to ensure your wheels meet or exceed your vehicles requirements.

EVOK Wheels - Engineering

the mission is simple

EVOK creativity & EVOK change!

Our goal, Transform the custom wheel industry AND make a difference in our community!
Not only do we strive to offer the cutting edge, top of the line and most in demand wheel designs... serving our customers and giving back to those most in need is our goal!

To do this, we have partnered with our local "Nourish Food Bank". With every set of Evok wheels sold, we will provide a meal to a Family in need! Thank you for allowing us to deliver your next set of wheels but more importantly... deliver meals!

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